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Leblanc offer highly experienced project management and web development services for businesses, organisations and individuals located in and around Busselton and Capes Region of Western Australia.

 First Tip.. If you are in business, I do not recommend making or having websites made with free to use or open source software!
Why?...there is always a catch, more then often a hack!


My expertise cover all facets of online development, project management, web hosting and online support. I am supported by family members and a network of professional graphic artists and photographers as seen occasionally through my projects. Our philosophy is ancient and simple...
"give a man a fish you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime.


We enable clients to not only self manage their site but lever the potential of the web utilising our state of the art website application.

We are open to all enquiries relating to websites development and related support. Including hacking incidents, if ever needed. confuse
Our business focus is assisting local businesses and organisations to develop, complete and manage successful online projects.


I began my understanding of website development in 1996, my study areas have included a number of Internet programming languages, design, adult educator (TAFE), small business management, search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques, general and online marketing. 

My creative base is derived from more than 30 yrs as a writer & musician and probably being raised in a performance family atmosphere.


Our websites are powered by my own in-house CM application. Developed by consistently and strategically applying ideas for nearly 15 years, in response to client requests, as the Internet developed.

We now have a complete website and integrated management system, secure, future proofed and feature packed. Only available to our project clients with web and mail hosted via our network hosting partners.

"The successful development of your concept from design and construction, through to publishing, requires most of all... experienced project management."

What can go wrong?..

Almost as many things as building a house, can go wrong with building a website.

What happens when it does!..

As an experienced project manager I have come across all these issues at one time or another and will know how to solve any problems as they arise, hopefully quickly and in general this experience means we can avoid additional costs or time overruns.
A lot of knowledge and expertise is required to ensure your website runs efficiently and reliably. Our knowledge base is built from 10's of thousands of hours learning online, experiencing countless challenging situations with our clients, solving issues between web hosts, domain registrars and tech support.. I can ensure your website will be expertly implemented & provided with effective ongoing support.


We do not advertise, all our work comes through word of mouth and new visitors to our website. All of our clients happily recommend our services.
We are always praised highly in our client testimonials, having many fine comments made about our versatility, after sales support and ability to meet any request. .
Straight from the horses mouth they say is the best insider information you can get, and given we have been offered many times by our clients to discuss their experience with you, why not give them a try?. In general you can contact any of the client businesses listed on this page to get a recommendation.
We have also been recommended to small businesses by world renowned Internet rankings expert "Debbie Mayo-Smith" successIZ.co.nz


We give ourselves no choice in delivering client satisfaction.
Our guaranteed work agreement ensures you have the last say in agreed specifications being fully delivered & completed.
We do more, because there is always more we can do to help!


We have serviced many clients in and out of Busselton since beginning our business in 1998 and in the beginning had the honor of playing an important role as an inaugural OnlineWA Champion in the Richard Court WA Gov., and worked with them developing community Internet from early 1999 to late in 2001.


As part of the WA Government Commerce and Trade electronic services team, I had the privilege of visiting many locations around WA, supporting state and local agencies, town leaders and business groups in understanding the short and long term needs to be addressed. Now at 54 yrs with 20 years of online learning behind me, I have been able to assist company individuals and corporate groups through keynote address, development consultancy, conceptualising, website design and construction and an ongoing Guru advice bureau over many years.


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